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LA Times Crossword

LA Times Crossword is a game published by one of the most widely read newspapers in the world, The LA Times. Following a request from Arthur Szekely, the editor of The LA Times, it first appeared in print on September 29, 1930.

The LA Times Crossword is a six-clue puzzle that is typically offered as advertising within The LA Times' pages. But you may also find it as a real puzzle on other websites or applications like iCrossing and Word Lens. Despite what the name would imply, the puzzle is open to anybody with access to a computer and the Internet, therefore it is never just for inhabitants of Los Angeles. Only those with a paid subscription, however, can submit their own solutions and gain points for each response that is submitted correctly. The average person attempts to complete a crossword puzzle for about 8 minutes each day.

Millions of people enjoy playing LA Times Crossword every day. In addition to challenging themselves, they also help other players by offering hints.

The elderly are particularly drawn to word puzzles, particularly crosswords. The old man appears to be quite eager to finish the game, chat with other players, and find the answers.

How to play LA Times Crossword

Here are some pointers if you want to try solving a crossword puzzle:

Prior to looking up the answer, pay close attention to the hints and determine what each word means.

To avoid missing any words, make sure you have all the letters of the alphabet written down before you begin.

It's okay if you get stuck on something occasionally; try not to take finishing a puzzle early or missing a clue too seriously.

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