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Homestuck Heardle

Homestuck Heardle game, in this game players, would likely listen to excerpts or snippets of songs from the Homestuck soundtrack and try to guess the title, artist, or other relevant information about the track. The game is played individually or in teams, with participants taking turns guessing the song based on the provided clues.

Features of Homestuck Heardle may include:

Song Selection: The game includes a collection of over 600 songs from the Homestuck soundtrack. These songs can range across various genres and styles, reflecting the diverse nature of the Homestuck musical compositions.

Audio Clips: Players are typically presented with short audio clips or excerpts from the songs. These clips could be instrumental sections, choruses, or other recognizable portions of the tracks.

Guessing and Clues: Players use their knowledge of the Homestuck soundtrack to guess the title, artist, or other relevant information about the song. They may receive additional clues or hints to help them identify the correct answer.

Scoring and Competition: Points or scores be awarded based on the accuracy and speed of the guesses. Players or teams can compete against each other to see who can correctly identify the songs or accumulate the highest score.

Homestuck Heardle is designed for fans of the Homestuck webcomic and its accompanying music. It provides an entertaining way to test one's knowledge of the soundtrack, challenge friends, and enjoy the music from the Homestuck universe.

How to play Homestuck Heardle

Using mouse

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