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Hexordle game is a word game based on the immensely popular Wordle. There are many ways in which this game is different from Wordle, but the use of words is by far the biggest difference. Similar to Wordle, Hexordle asks players to guess six five-letter words concurrently as opposed to just one. A game for individuals who like difficult tasks is Hexordle. Expert players should take advantage of this game to showcase their skills.

Tips play Hexordle

Finding a match while keeping track of the letters used in each of the six guesses might be difficult. Observing the Hexordle keyboard's color scheme is a great way to decompress. Everything in this game is comparable to Wordle. A great way to improve a term is to add as many vowels as you can at the beginning of the word. Enjoy the wonderful times!

How to play Hexordle

This game performs the same functions as Wordle. Similar to the traditional Wordle in terms of rules and playability in any web browser.

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