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GNT Wordle

GNT Wordle is an intriguing word puzzle game that challenges players to guess the chosen word of the day—in Greek and sourced from the Greek New Testament. Whether you're looking to expand your Greek vocabulary or put your existing knowledge to the test, GNT Wordle offers an engaging and educational gaming experience.


  • Greek New Testament Words: Delve into the Greek New Testament as you uncover words chosen for each day's puzzle, broadening your understanding of biblical Greek vocabulary.

  • Wordle Clone: GNT Wordle is inspired by the popular word puzzle game Wordle, offering a similar gameplay experience with a unique twist focused on the Greek language and biblical context.

  • Daily Challenge: Each day presents a new word puzzle to solve, providing endless opportunities to test your Greek language skills and biblical knowledge.


  • Guess the Word: Players must guess the chosen word of the day, which is sourced from the Greek New Testament, within a limited number of attempts.

  • Receive Hints: After each guess, players receive hints indicating whether the letters guessed appear in the solution and if they are in the correct position.

  • Strategic Guessing: Utilize deductive reasoning and linguistic knowledge to make informed guesses and uncover the solution efficiently.

How to play GNT Wordle

Using mouse

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