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Get1000 Deluxe

About Get1000 Deluxe Game:

Get1000 Deluxe Game - A Logic and Math Puzzle Challenge Inspired by 2048

Embark on a captivating puzzle-solving journey with Get1000 Deluxe, a game inspired by the famous puzzle game 2048. This game will put your logic and mathematical skills to the test as you combine tiles strategically to achieve the ultimate goal: reaching the number 1000 in the center of the game board. With a classic mode that unlocks two additional modes upon completion, Get1000 Deluxe offers a challenging and rewarding experience for players seeking a blend of strategy and mathematics in a puzzle game.


Logic and Mathematics Challenge: In Get1000 Deluxe, the rules are simple yet require a sharp mind. Utilize your logic and mathematical skills to combine tiles strategically. Plan your moves carefully to reach the challenging target of 1000 in the center of the board. The game challenges players to think critically and make strategic decisions to achieve success.

Unlock New Modes: Successfully completing the game in classic mode unlocks two additional modes: "Speedrun" and "Time Attack." In the "Speedrun" mode, players race against the clock to reach 1000 as quickly as possible, allowing for global time comparisons. The "Time Attack" mode introduces a time limit, adding an extra layer of stress as players strive to achieve the target within the set timeframe.

How to play Get1000 Deluxe

Using mouse

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