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Genshindle is a fun game, a word-guessing game called Genshindle is based on the well-liked mobile game Genshin Impact. The popular word game Wordle, in which players must determine a hidden word from a sequence of letter guesses, served as the game's inspiration.

Genshin Impact lovers who enjoy a nice brainteaser and want to spend some time with their favorite characters should play this game.

How to play Genshindle

In Genshindle, participants must submit five-letter guesses in order to determine the meaning of a secret word made up of five letters. The game's beloved characters are present, and it is set in the gorgeous Genshindle Impact universe.

Players first select their favorite character, after which they are given a five-letter word that they must guess. They have six chances to guess the word, and after each try, the game notifies them of how many letters they correctly identified and where they were located.

Players can limit the choices as they formulate their hypotheses by drawing on their familiarity with the characters from Genshindle Impact. For instance, if they notice that the first letter is "D," they can instantly rule out characters that don't have "D" as their first letter.

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