Advertisement is an online multiplayer art game with friends. You can play it with your friends in a room or you can also play it online with them. You can draw and challenge your friends or random players from all over the world to beat your drawings, or vice-versa!

There are a lot of modes so that you won’t get bored:

  • ENDLESS mode: see how many drawings you can beat!
  • PUZZLE mode: find the matching drawing for each clue!
  • ENDING mode: use fewer than X number of strokes to finish the drawing!
  • HIDDEN mode: find the hidden drawing in this complex illustration!
  • PROTECTION mode: protect your drawing from being cracked by your friends (with special tools) and see who cracks it first! ^^ Let’s have fun together and improve your artistic skills at the same

You compete with other players by drawing or completing small challenges as fast as possible. The canvas is split into four colored zones, where each player has a different goal:

  • Green zone: In the green zone you need to draw as much as possible. Yellow zone: Here you need to find words in the given wordlist or search for hidden objects.
  • Red zone: Complete small challenges like finding the most triangles or drawing a specific object within a time limit.
  • Blue zone: Here you can see the other players and send them privately.

If you like drawing, games, and puzzles, this game is perfect for you.

How to play

Left-click to choose a color and drag left mouse button to draw.



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