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Framed is a unique take on the word guessing game that’s closer to Heardle and tasks you with guessing which film an iconic scene is from.

There are many different categories of word and picture games, but none quite like this game. You’ll read about a short clip and then have to guess which movie it is from. You know that moment in a movie when all you see is the characters’ reaction? That’s where all your knowledge of film comes into play. The clips last around 30 seconds each, so remember everything you can from them. Once you start playing, you will be given three options for the scene: the first being incorrect, the second being most likely correct, and the third being what we call a “wildcard” – something that might fit with another movie but not necessarily this one.

In each round, one player acts as the director and picks a scene from one of six film clips. The other players take on the role of screenwriters and must then think of movie phrases that could fit in that spot in the clip. If you’re not familiar with one of the films mentioned, Google is your friend so you can be sure to guess correctly.

If any player knows the answer to any of their team’s questions, they can help them out by saying ‘Framed’; if nobody knows it then they need to guess what word they think they hear based on the clue. Players cannot use phrases more than once or rephrase anything they’ve said before.

With only 60 seconds per round, how well do you know your movies?

And that’s it! It’s a pretty simple game but super challenging and fun. It’s super addicting and perfect for movie buffs. Have fun!

How to play Framed

Using mouse

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