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Footdle is a daily guessing game that challenges players to identify a random soccer player from the top 300 rated players in FIFA 22's Top 5 Leagues. The game provides 12 attempts for the players to guess the correct name of the player.

The game is played by typing the name of the player into the text box. After each guess, the game provides feedback on how close the guess was to the correct answer. If the name is correct, it will appear in green, and if the name is incorrect, the letters that are incorrect will appear in red.

Footdle is a more challenging game than Wordle, as it requires knowledge of the top soccer players in the world. The game features players from England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France.

The game can be played in either "Today's Challenge" mode, where players compete against others who are playing the game on the same day, or in "Random Challenge" mode, where players are randomly paired with other players to compete against each other.

Players can play the game once a day, and their scores are tracked on a leaderboard. Players who correctly guess the player's name within the 12 attempts are awarded points, and their score is based on the number of attempts they took to guess the player's name.

Here are some tips for playing Footdle:

Start by guessing some of the most well-known players from each league, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or Neymar. This will help you get a feel for the game and the type of clues that are provided.

Pay attention to the clues provided when you guess a player's name. These can help you narrow down the possible players and make more educated guesses.

Use the process of elimination to your advantage. If you know that a certain letter is not in the player's name, you can eliminate players with that letter from your list of possible options.

Keep track of the players you have guessed and the clues provided for each one. This can help you eliminate incorrect options and narrow down the possible players.

How to play Footdle

To play Footdle, you need to correctly guess which football player is randomly selected from the top 300 rated players in FIFA 22's Top 5 Leagues. You have 12 tries to guess the correct player. The game includes players from England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, making it a fun challenge for fans of football from those countries.

To make your guess, you can type in the player's name in the provided text box. If the name is correct, it will be highlighted in green. If the name is incorrect, it will be highlighted in yellow, and you will be provided with a clue about which letters are correct and in the correct position.

Overall, Footdle is a fun and challenging game for fans of football from the Top 5 Leagues. It can be played once a day, and users can choose to play in Toda's challenge mode or in a random challenge.

If you enjoy playing Footdle, you might also enjoy similar guessing games such as Who Are Ya? An equally fun word-guessing game.

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