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Find The Lost Letter

Find The Lost Letter Game is a delightful and educational letter-matching game designed for players of all ages. With simple yet engaging gameplay, this game provides an enjoyable experience while also helping players learn the correct names of objects and alphabet letters.



To play Find The Lost Letter Game, players are presented with a grid containing missing letters. On the right side of the screen, three letters are displayed. Players must touch one of these letters and drag it over the corresponding missing box area on the grid. Upon releasing their finger, the selected letter is dropped into the missing area. If the letter is correct, a bonus message is displayed, affirming the player's success. However, if the letter is incorrect, an error message is shown.

Educational Value:

One of the key features of Find The Lost Letter Game is its educational aspect. By engaging in the letter-matching activity, players not only enjoy the gameplay but also reinforce their understanding of alphabet letters and the names of associated objects. This makes the game particularly suitable for children who are learning to recognize and identify letters.

Key Features


One of the standout features of Find The Lost Letter Game is its extensive library of letters and objects. With a wide variety of combinations, players can enjoy a diverse and engaging gameplay experience. Additionally, the game's simplicity and accessibility make it suitable for players of all skill levels, from young children to adults.


Find The Lost Letter Game offers a fun and educational experience that combines letter recognition with interactive gameplay. Whether you're looking to reinforce your knowledge of alphabet letters or simply enjoy a relaxing gaming session, this charming game is sure to delight players of all ages. Dive into the world of letters and objects with Find The Lost Letter Game today!

How to play Find The Lost Letter

Using mouse

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