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Drawing Puzzle Brain Game

Drawing Puzzle Brain Game is a captivating puzzle game where the primary objective is to draw a line to create a bridge and guide a ball into a glass container. Players must strategically draw lines to navigate the ball through various obstacles and challenges while collecting all the stars available at each level.


  • Creative Puzzle Gameplay: Engage in creative and challenging puzzle-solving gameplay where you must draw lines to guide a ball to its destination.

  • Brain Teasing Challenges: Test your problem-solving skills and creativity as you encounter a variety of obstacles and puzzles at each level.

  • Star Collection: Challenge yourself to collect all the stars scattered throughout the levels to earn maximum points and unlock new challenges.

  • Intuitive Controls: Enjoy simple and intuitive controls that allow you to draw lines with ease, providing a seamless gaming experience.

  • Refreshing Mechanics: Utilize the Refresh button to clear your drawing and start over, allowing for experimentation and optimization of your strategies.

How to play Drawing Puzzle Brain Game

Hold and drag mouse or finger to draw.

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