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Dangle is a word game for two players who have the same word in common. The player who first dangles that word wins the game.

Dangle games are different from many other word games. Instead of creating a new word or a short phrase, you will be asked to create a shape with the given letters. The game is similar to Hangman. You will be given six letters and you need to compose a word that contains three consecutive letters from these six. If the letter forms a part of the words then it is not counted as an additional letter.

For instance, if you get D for your first guess and then again get D in the next round, it won’t give you double points as it will only be counted as one letter. However, if you get D again after that, it will increase your score by 2 and give you double points instead. Similarly, taking two or more identical letters increases your score but also gives a higher point value than single letters.

This amazing game is a fun-filled word game that tests your knowledge of spelling. It has almost 200 unique words and their meanings. You will have to think quite hard to come up with the right answers! We hope you enjoy playing this as much as we do.

How to play Dangle

Dangle is an interesting game as it involves both vocabulary and grammar. You will need to make use of auxiliary verbs like can, might, would, has and other such grammatical constructions when playing this game with your friends or family members. It rewards players who are good at rearranging words and creating longer sentences by making them seem more concise than they really are. It’s great exercise for the mind as well.  It’s also a great game to play with friends and family members to exercise your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

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