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Dactle is an innovative word game that is based on the popular game Wordle but with a unique twist. It focuses on using sign language to communicate a daily word challenge. Here's more information about Dactle:


  • The objective of Dactle is to guess a new word in sign language each day.
  • The word is displayed on the screen as a series of dashes, with each dash representing a letter in the word.
  • Players must use their knowledge of sign language to interpret the signs and guess the word.
  • To input their answer, players can use the game's interface or any compatible sign language recognition system.

Tutorial Mode:

  • Dactle offers a tutorial mode that allows players to learn the basics of sign language and how to interpret the signs.
  • This mode is especially helpful for players who are new to sign language, as it provides a step-by-step guide to understanding and using sign language effectively.

Learning Sign Language:

  • One of the key features of Dactle is its focus on promoting the learning and practice of sign language.
  • Players, whether beginners or experienced sign language users, can use the game as a fun and interactive tool to improve their sign language skills.
  • Beginners can learn the signs and gestures associated with different words, helping them develop their vocabulary and fluency.
  • Experienced sign language users can challenge themselves by expanding their sign vocabulary and enhancing their overall proficiency.


  • Dactle provides an engaging and interactive way to learn and practice sign language.
  • It offers a daily word challenge, encouraging players to continuously improve their sign language skills.
  • The game's format creates an immersive learning experience, allowing players to apply their knowledge of sign language in a practical context.
  • By incorporating sign language into a word game, Dactle promotes inclusivity and accessibility, fostering understanding and appreciation of sign language communication.

How to play Dactle

Using mouse

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