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About Come Follow Medle Game:

Come Follow Medle: A Word Puzzle Inspired by Weekly Lessons

Welcome to Come Follow Medle, an engaging word puzzle game designed to complement and enhance your understanding of the weekly "Come Follow Me" lessons. Each day, you'll encounter a new word that is related to the current week's lesson. This game offers an enjoyable and educational way to connect with the teachings and themes of the lesson while challenging your word-solving skills. Let's delve into the world of Come Follow Medle and discover how it can be a valuable addition to your spiritual journey.


How to play Come Follow Medle

Playing Come Follow Medle is both straightforward and spiritually enriching. Here's how you can engage with this unique word puzzle:

  1. Daily Word Challenge: Each day, you'll receive a new word that relates to the current week's "Come Follow Me" lesson. Your task is to unravel this word through a process of deduction.

  2. Letter Analysis: Examine the letters of the given word carefully. Your goal is to determine which letters are in the word, whether they are in the correct position, and which letters are not part of the word.

  3. Guess the Word: Make educated guesses to identify the correct letters and their positions in the word. As you make guesses, you'll receive feedback about the correctness of your choices.

  4. Feedback Mechanism: After each guess, the game provides feedback using specific letters:

    • If a letter is in the word and in the correct spot, it will be indicated as such.
    • If a letter is in the word but not in the right position, you'll be alerted to its presence but not its location.
    • If a letter is not part of the word, it will be confirmed as absent.
  5. Strategic Guesswork: Utilize the feedback to refine your guesses and deduce the complete word. Each guess brings you closer to unraveling the mystery.

Game Rules:

Come Follow Medle adheres to a set of simple rules to ensure an enjoyable and spiritually enriching gaming experience:

  • You'll receive a daily word related to the current week's "Come Follow Me" lesson.
  • Your objective is to guess the word by making educated guesses based on feedback.
  • Correct letters in their correct positions will be indicated, as will correct letters in incorrect positions.
  • The aim is to deduce the entire word within the given attempts.


Come Follow Medle offers a range of features to enhance your gaming and spiritual experience:

  • Spiritual Connection: Deepen your connection with the weekly "Come Follow Me" lessons by exploring words related to the teachings.

  • Educational: Come Follow Medle provides an educational dimension, encouraging you to ponder and learn more about the lesson's themes.

  • Word-Solving Challenge: Challenge your word-solving and deduction skills as you strive to uncover the hidden word.

  • Daily Engagement: Receive a new word each day to maintain your engagement with the lesson's content throughout the week.


Come Follow Medle is more than just a word puzzle game; it's a spiritual journey that allows you to engage with the "Come Follow Me" lessons in a unique way. By deciphering words related to the lessons, you can deepen your understanding and connect with the teachings on a deeper level. If you're seeking an enjoyable and spiritually enriching activity to complement your weekly lessons, Come Follow Medle is the perfect choice. Dive into the world of words and lessons, and let this game enhance your spiritual journey.

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