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Color Word

Did you ever play the online game called Color Word? It’s like scrabble, but instead of words, you have to type in a word that has a specific color in its name. For example, if the color word is “red”, you type “red” instead of “redapple”. Now, imagine if there was an online game that required you to type in a word that has a specific color in its name, but you have to do it without using any of the letters in the word. Sounds like fun, right?

Color Word is an arcade puzzle game where your goal is to create a word with the given color tiles. In each level, you will have a certain number of tiles, and your task is to create as many correct words as possible. But it’s not that easy… Each letter has a different color, and you have to use it in the word correctly. If you make a mistake, you can rotate the tile you selected. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Give it a try and see if you can complete all the levels.

In this word game, the player has to place the tiles with the same color in a vertical or horizontal line to make a word of at least three letters. The lines which would form a complete word are colored in. The player can place a tile by touching it with a finger and dragging it. Once the player releases the finger, the tile will be placed. The player can even drag a blank space and drop a tile there. The bubbles at the top of the screen are filled with letters. When the player has three or more letters in a line and it is colored, the line will be cleared. If the bubbles are not filled up, then the player has to try to collect the letters in the bubbles to make words, which will give them points. The player can also gain points for each line they make. The player can earn more points by completing the missions and by replaying.

Color is an important part of our lives and has been for centuries. From the early days of cave painting to the present day, artists have longed to explore the fascinating world of color. In this game, you have the chance to explore the fascinating world of color, too. But rather than exploring caves or buying expensive art books, you can play this game.

When letters are combined into a word and form a valid color, the player wins points. However, not all letters have the same value. The player has to use their logic to form the word or color to earn the most points before time runs.

How to play Color Word

Choose the correct answer according to the instructions on the screen.

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