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Cladder is a word game played in many countries around the world. It’s fun for people of all ages and is perfect for family get-togethers or game nights with friends.

The object of a Cladder game is to guess a word from ten clues based on that word’s last letter, first letter, and category (general, natural, manmade structure, etc.). The clue categories are:
The clues are presented in random order so that each player gets the same number of them. It’s challenging at first but becomes easier as you learn the various clues. Cladderers can also play Cladders online using websites like Word Spud and Scrabble Club.

The Cladder Word Game is a cross between Scrabble and general word association. Words are combined in a similar way to Scrabble, and players have 60 seconds to guess the word from 10 clues. Solving a Cladder word is more about speed than strategy. You need to know the words that go with the one you've chosen, and also know what other words could be used in place of the one you've chosen. Let’s play the game and take a look at how it works.

How to play Cladder

Due to its ease of use and the fact that you only have 60 seconds to complete the challenge, this simple game has become very popular. With no need to download anything or install the game, Cladder Word Wordle is a totally free word guessing game.

- To solve all ten clues, you have 60 seconds.

- To find the solution, change one letter from the previous word (i.e. GAME to FAME)

- Inaccurate guesses do not result in punishment.

- You may skip one (costs 5 seconds)

- Midnight: new puzzle

After finishing the day's game, players in a ladder game cannot start a new game. Continue reading if you want to learn how to play the infinite Cladder wordle game.

It is essential that you figure out the puzzle during the allotted 60 seconds because the object of Cladder is to guess something associated with Cladder in that time.

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