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Chessle is a puzzle game based on chess openings. It provides a unique and engaging twist to the traditional game of chess. Here's how to play Chessle:

  1. Choose an Opening: At the beginning of the game, you need to select a chess opening. Chess openings are the initial moves played in a game of chess. There are various well-known openings, such as the Sicilian Defense, Ruy Lopez, or Queen's Gambit, among others.
  2. View the Hue: Once you have chosen an opening, you will be able to view the "beautiful hue." The specific nature of this hue is not described in the provided information, but it likely represents a visual representation or interpretation of the chosen chess opening.
  3. Daily Game and Challenges: Chessle is designed as a daily game that can only be played once per day. It is part of a daily challenge where players can test their chess knowledge and puzzle-solving abilities.
  4. Reset and Timing: The Chessle game resets at the stroke of midnight, Pacific Standard Time, every day. This means that the puzzles and challenges are refreshed daily, providing new opportunities for players to engage with the game.
  5. Guidelines and Comprehension: The guidelines of Chessle are said to be easy to comprehend with little effort. While the specific details of the guidelines are not provided, it can be inferred that players are expected to apply their knowledge of chess openings to make strategic choices and solve puzzles.
  6. Enter the Room: Once you have selected an opening, you are required to enter the room. It is unclear what entering the room entails, but it likely signifies committing to playing the Chessle puzzle associated with the chosen opening.
  7. Enjoy the Hues: The game mentions the presence of "wonderful hues," which could refer to the visual elements or colors associated with the Chessle puzzles. These hues may enhance the overall aesthetic experience of the game.

Chessle offers a unique and refreshing take on chess by incorporating puzzles and challenges based on chess openings. It allows players to test their knowledge of openings and engage in daily brain-teasing chess puzzles.

Enjoy the Chessle game, explore the various chess openings, and have fun solving the puzzles presented to you each day!

How to play Chessle

  • The instructions are straightforward; the only demand is that you pass through a doorway of your choosing and take note of the vibrant hues. Both Normal Mode and Expert Mode offer three and five movements per side, respectively. A new Chessle will be generated every day at midnight Pacific Standard Time, giving you six chances to guess correctly.
  • The fact that green is present on Nf3 indicates that the card was used in that particular scenario (White on move 2).
    White played the d4 position, but not at that specific location (White on move 1), according to the color yellow on the die.
  • White or black did not play d5 in that round, as indicated by the color grey on that pawn.
  • Consider performing the actions in the way that the text instructs. Nxe5 and Ne5 are not equivalent to one another.
  • You've got six guesses.

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