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Cell Tower

Cell Tower is a game where words must be generated by finding and choosing cells from a collection of letters. Finding hidden words within a stack of random letters is the object of the game. You might immediately recognize some words among all of those letters, but the key to beating the game is to use ALL of the letters—not just a few—to form words.

Every day, a new Cell Tower game is published, similar to Wordle. See if you can figure it out without seeking a hint (which will make the game not count toward your streak).

However, there are several game rules that can be quickly remembered. Words should be between four and eight letters long and should be read left to right. One puzzle each day is allowed, but if that's not enough, there are presently 38 previous puzzles accessible.

The functionality is straightforward but complete. In the game, you can see the right answer, get a hint, and compile your own victory statistics.

It's more difficult than it appears, but it's also a lot of fun!

How to play Cell Tower

Create locations in the grid that, when read from top to bottom, left to right, contain four to eight-letter English words. The entire grid can only be described in words in one way.

a squared grid with the following labels in rows: P U B, Z Z L, S L E, and I N G
Because the letters are arranged incorrectly, these squares may be PUZZLE or PUZZLING but not PUZZLES.

To add cells to a region, tap them. To accept a word, tap the button at the bottom. Tap an area to erase an error if you make one.

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