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Categorle challenges players to test their general knowledge across various categories through engaging word puzzles. With a diverse range of topics to explore, players must showcase their vocabulary and problem-solving skills to complete each puzzle within a limited number of attempts.


  • Multiple Categories: Explore a wide range of topics, including "city," "name," "fauna," and "flora," each presenting a unique word puzzle to solve. With many categories to choose from, players can enjoy a diverse and stimulating gaming experience.

  • Limited Attempts: With only six tries available, players must carefully strategize their guesses to uncover the hidden word within the chosen category. The challenge lies in selecting the correct word related to the topic while maximizing the limited number of attempts.

  • Varied Difficulty: Each puzzle in Categorle presents its own set of challenges, with the number of letters varying between puzzles. Some categories may prove more difficult than others, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to the gameplay.


  • Select a Category: Choose from a variety of topics, such as cities, names, fauna, and flora, each representing a different word puzzle to solve.

  • Guess Words: Players have six attempts to guess the hidden word within the selected category. Guesses must be relevant to the chosen topic, adhering to the specified category.

  • Strategic Thinking: Utilize deductive reasoning and general knowledge to make informed guesses and unravel the word puzzle within the given number of attempts.

How to play Categorle

Using mouse

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