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Bludle is an intriguing word game where 5-letter words are encoded into shades of blue. The game assigns different shades of blue to represent the letters of the alphabet, ranging from lighter shades for letters closer to 'A' and darker shades for letters closer to 'Z'. Here's more information about Bludle:

Game Concept:

  1. Word Encoding: Bludle takes 5-letter words and encodes them using varying shades of blue.
  2. Blue Color Spectrum: The game uses a spectrum of blue shades, where lighter shades represent letters closer to 'A' and darker shades represent letters closer to 'Z'.
  3. Decoding Challenge: Players need to decipher the original 5-letter word based on the shades of blue presented.


  1. Shade Selection: Bludle presents a series of shades of blue, each corresponding to a specific letter of the alphabet.
  2. Guessing the Word: Players need to analyze the shades and guess the 5-letter word they represent.
  3. Feedback: After each guess, the game provides feedback to indicate the correctness of the guess or offer clues to help players narrow down their options.
    • Correct Letters: If a guessed letter is in the correct position, it will be indicated as correct.
    • Incorrect Letters: If a guessed letter is part of the word but in the wrong position, it will be marked as incorrect.
    • Absent Letters: Letters not present in the word will not be displayed.

Objective: The objective of Bludle is to correctly decode the word represented by the shades of blue within a certain number of guesses. The game challenges players' observation, pattern recognition, and word association skills.

Tips to Solve Bludle:

  1. Observe Color Variations: Pay close attention to the variations in shades of blue. Lighter shades represent letters closer to 'A', while darker shades represent letters closer to 'Z'. Use this information to deduce the letters.
  2. Analyze Feedback: After each guess, carefully analyze the feedback provided. It will help you narrow down the possibilities and identify the correct letters and their positions.
  3. Consider Word Patterns: Look for common word patterns, letter combinations, or frequently used words to help you guess the encoded word more effectively.
  4. Process of Elimination: Use the process of elimination by considering which letters have been guessed correctly or incorrectly. This can help you deduce the remaining letters more accurately.

Bludle offers a unique and visually appealing twist to word decoding games, challenging players to think creatively and associate colors with letters. Enjoy the challenge of decoding words through shades of blue in Bludle!

How to play Bludle

Using mouse

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