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Bird Word Mahjong

Bird Word Mahjong Game combines the classic elements of Mahjong with the challenge of word puzzles, offering players a unique and engaging gameplay experience. With its intuitive mechanics and helpful features, this game provides hours of entertainment for players looking to test their vocabulary and strategic skills.


  • Word Formation: Bird Word Mahjong Game challenges players to think strategically and creatively to form words using the available letter tiles.
  • Mahjong Elements: The game incorporates Mahjong-inspired mechanics, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the word puzzle gameplay.
  • Helpful Tools: Players have access to various tools such as the word list button, which displays valid words, and the Wild Tile, which can be used to complete words.
  • Undo and Reset Options: Mistakes can be easily rectified with the undo button, allowing players to remove individual letter tiles or entire words. The reset button enables players to start over entirely.
  • Assistance Features: The game offers helpful features like the option to highlight available letters and tips for guidance during play.

How to play Bird Word Mahjong

In Bird Word Mahjong Game, players aim to create as many words as possible using letter tiles arranged in a stacked pattern on the playfield. The objective is to select uncovered tiles that are not attached to any others on the left and right sides. Once selected, the letters transfer to a tray below the field, where players can arrange them to form words. Players then submit the words they've created, earning points based on the letters used and any multipliers present on the tray. Additionally, players can utilize Wild Tiles to fill gaps in words, either earned by scoring at least 25 points with a created word or found among the layers.


  • Keyboard: Players can use the keyboard to select tiles by pressing the letter keys. To submit a word, they can press the Enter key. The Backspace key is used to undo actions.
  • Mouse: Players can click on tiles and buttons to interact with the game.
  • Mobile: On mobile devices, players can tap on tiles and buttons to make selections and submit

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