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Biblidle is an intriguing word puzzle game that challenges players to guess the daily "Biblidle" in just six attempts. With a theme deeply rooted in biblical and Christian terminology, players delve into the rich tapestry of the Bible as they strive to uncover the mystery word.


Bible-Inspired Theme:

  • Biblidle revolves around words and concepts found within the Bible, providing players with a unique and educational gaming experience.

Guessing Mechanism:

  • Players can input words of any length, as long as they are related to the Bible, including names, places, and other biblical or Christianity-related terms.

Show Hint Button:

  • A "Show Hint" button is available for players to use if they need assistance. This feature provides a clue regarding the daily Biblidle word, and using it is reflected in the player's stats and shared results.

Challenge Mode:

  • Each day presents a new Biblidle word to decipher, ensuring that players have a fresh puzzle to solve regularly.

Share Results:

  • Players can share their results, including whether they used the hint or not, adding a social aspect to the game.

How to play Biblidle

Using mouse

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