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Betweenle is a game that is based on the popular word game Wordle but with a twist. It is an ingenious adaptation known as Betweenle or Between Wordle. Here is more information about the game:

The objective of Betweenle is to use the feedback provided by the game to make educated guesses and eventually uncover the secret word hidden between the other words. The game challenges your word-guessing skills and logical thinking.

To play Betweenle, you can access it online through various platforms or websites that offer the game. Search for "Betweenle" or "Between Wordle" to find available options.

Betweenle offers a unique and engaging twist on the classic Wordle game. It requires strategic thinking, careful analysis of the feedback provided, and a good grasp of the alphabetical order of words. It's a fun and challenging way to test your word-guessing abilities and expand your vocabulary.

Enjoy the game and have fun uncovering the secret word in Betweenle!

How to play Betweenle

  1. Secret Word: In Betweenle, there is a secret word that you need to guess. This secret word is hidden between other words.
  2. Enter a Guess: You need to enter a five-letter word as your guess for the secret word.
  3. Tile Colors: After each guess, the colors of the tiles will change, indicating certain information about the relationship between your guess and the secret word.
  4. Dictionary Order: The game's dictionary is sorted in alphabetical order.
  5. Relative Position: When you enter a word as a guess, the game will inform you if the secret word is placed before or after the entered word in the dictionary.
  6. Proximity: You will also receive feedback on how close the secret word is to the entered word.

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