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Bardle game is a Shakespeare-themed Wordle. It is allowed to use Shakespearean language or characters. This is not for casual music listeners who like ROMEO and ARIEL. But you might really appreciate this one if you like the names OSRIC, FESTE, and EGEUS.

Another version of the popular word game Wordle is called Bardle. The idea behind the game is pretty similar to most of its alternatives, but in this one, you have to select a word that is associated with William Shakespeare!

How to play Bardle

The Bardle rules Wordle is comparable to the game Bardle, which has players guess Shakespeare's letters. It will help you to participate in the Bardle if you take the following recommendations.

  • The screen will load with 5 columns and 6 rows.
  • Choose five-letter terms from Shakespeare's language or the vocabulary of his characters.
  • Choose the letters from the keyboard.
  • To erase the wrongly written letter, press the delete key (s).

Click Enter to confirm that the letter(s) you entered is accurate. The color of the Bardle Wordle will indicate whether or not your prediction was correct.

  • The letter has been positioned correctly because the block is green.
  • Something shouldn't be there if it's yellow.
  • A letter that is gray indicates that there isn't a copy of it anywhere.

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