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Backwordle is a word puzzle game that offers a twist on the popular game Wordle. In Backwordle, the objective is to solve a Wordle puzzle in reverse. You are given a 5-letter target word that is the correct solution, along with a grid of gray and yellow squares representing previous guesses. Your task is to deduce the four guesses that resulted in the given pattern.

It's important to note that subsequent guesses will always include previous yellow letters and will never include previous gray letters. This rule helps guide your deduction process and ensures that you are making informed guesses.

In Backwordle, all the words used in the puzzles come from a list of fairly common words. However, it's worth mentioning that there may be numerous words that fit the given pattern but are not common enough to be included in the game's word list.

At the beginning of each puzzle, all the vowels in the target word are revealed to provide you with a starting point. You can then solve the puzzle in any order you prefer. If you believe a word is correct, you can click the check button to verify it. If the word is incorrect, the game will identify all the correct letters and reveal one incorrect letter, which will result in a deduction of one point from your score.

If you find yourself stuck, Backwordle offers a hint feature. By clicking the plus button on the left, you can reveal one missing letter in the target word. However, using this hint also incurs a deduction of one point from your score.

The goal of Backwordle is to solve the puzzle while minimizing the number of incorrect guesses and deductions to achieve a higher score. The game provides a challenging and engaging word puzzle experience with its unique reverse-solving concept.

How to play Backwordle

  • Green Squares: Indicates that a letter is present in the target word but in the wrong location.
  • Yellow Squares: Indicates that a letter is not in the target word.
  • Gray Squares: Represents letters that are not in the target word.

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