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With Artle, the National Gallery of Art is joining the fun. Players get four chances to properly identify the artist of the day by looking at four of their works, which are selected from the gallery's sizable collection of paintings, photos, sculptures, and other artwork.

For those venturing wild guesses in the dark, The Gallery offers a small helping hand by inserting a few letters into each guess.

Hats off if you can instantly recognize every piece of art created by these artists. You have a strong understanding of art history, which is impressive.

A button offers a simple invitation to post about your accomplishments on social media when you've finished your daily Artle, just like with Wordle. Returning users can view their statistics in the top right corner.

Failure to identify an artist after four attempts is not a cause for embarrassment; rather, it offers a free chance to brush up on your knowledge by providing titles and links to the four pieces you just spent time studying.

Good luck playing Artle here!

How to play Artle

Artle is a fun word game that involves creating words by combining the tiles. Players take turns placing letters in a 5x5 grid, trying to make as many valid words as they can from the available letters, and fitting them into the grid. You don’t need to be an artist to play this game; all you need is good concentration and imagination! The game is suitable for players aged 12 and above.

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