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5 Wordz

5 Wordz is an engaging and educational word game that challenges players to unscramble consonants to correctly guess five words in each puzzle. With a combination of blue tiles representing consonants and red tiles representing vowels, players must strategically rearrange the blue tiles to form valid words.


Explore the exciting features that make 5 Wordz a standout word game:

Educational Gameplay

Exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary as you solve puzzles and unscramble words in 5 Wordz. With daily puzzles generated to keep players coming back for more, it's the perfect way to challenge yourself and learn new words every day.

Interactive Tile Mechanics

Experience intuitive gameplay with interactive tile mechanics that allow players to drag and swap blue tiles to form words. With the challenge of rearranging consonants, while leaving vowels in place, 5 Wordz offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Daily Puzzles

Enjoy a fresh challenge every day with new puzzles generated daily in 5 Wordz. Whether you're looking to test your skills or simply unwind with a brain-teasing game, 5 Wordz offers endless opportunities for fun and learning.

Perfect Game Challenge

Strive for perfection by aiming to complete each puzzle in just seven moves. Can you beat the perfect game challenge and unravel the words with the fewest moves possible? Put your skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to achieve perfection in 5 Wordz.

Test Your Brain Every Day

With daily puzzles and the perfect game challenge, 5 Wordz offers a fun and rewarding way to test your brain and improve your word skills. Whether you're a casual player or a word game enthusiast, 5 Wordz provides an immersive and educational gaming experience for players of all ages.


5 Wordz is more than just a word game – it's an educational experience that challenges players to expand their vocabulary and sharpen their word skills. With its interactive gameplay mechanics, daily puzzles, and perfect game challenge, 5 Wordz offers endless opportunities for fun and learning. Are you ready to put your word skills to the test and unravel the mystery of 5 Wordz?

How to play 5 Wordz

Using mouse

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