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Xmas Match 3 Dare

Welcome to Xmas Match 3 Dare, a captivating match-3 game that infuses the spirit of the holiday season into every swap and match. As you engage in turn-based gameplay, the challenge is to strategically swap blocks, creating linear matches of 3 or more similar Christmas items, either horizontally or vertically. Each completed dare rewards you with 10 bonus turns and a new challenge. How far can you go in this daring and festive match-3 adventure?


Turns-Based Matching: In Xmas Match 3 Dare, the gameplay revolves around turns. Your objective is to swap blocks strategically, creating linear matches of 3 or more similar items. Whether you align them horizontally or vertically, each successful match contributes to your progress. The game's turns-based approach adds a layer of strategy, allowing players to plan their moves for optimal matching.

Daring Challenges: Navigate through daring challenges presented in each level. Completing a dare not only unlocks 10 bonus turns but also introduces a new challenge to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Embrace the festive spirit as you conquer each dare, unraveling new levels of matching excitement.


Festive Matching Fun: Xmas Match 3 Dare ensures a festive atmosphere with its holiday-themed matching fun. Immerse yourself in a visually appealing world adorned with Christmas items, creating a delightful backdrop for your matching adventures. The game captures the essence of the season, offering a cheerful and entertaining experience.

Turns and Swaps Strategy: Engage in a turn-based strategy as you swap blocks to create matches. The game encourages thoughtful planning and strategic moves, allowing players to optimize their matching potential. Explore the thrill of each swap as you work towards completing linear matches and conquering the festive challenges.

Bonus Turns and New Dares: Achieve success in completing dares to reap rewards. Each dare conquered not only grants you 10 bonus turns but also unveils a new challenge. This dynamic feature ensures that the gameplay remains exciting and offers a continuous stream of festive surprises.

Endless Matching Excitement: Xmas Match 3 Dare provides an endless source of matching excitement. With a variety of challenges and dares to conquer, players can immerse themselves in the festive matching fun for extended periods. The game's diverse features and engaging design contribute to an immersive and enjoyable experience.

How to play Xmas Match 3 Dare

Using mouse

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