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Xmas Float Connect 2023

Dive into the holiday cheer with Xmas Float Connect 2023, a captivating puzzle game designed to infuse the joy of Christmas into your gaming experience. Challenge your cognitive skills as you connect pairs of identical Xmas items through paths with no more than two 90-degree angles. Prepare for a unique twist, as some levels feature floating item tiles that add an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay. With 27 challenging levels, each bringing its own set of surprises, this game promises a delightful and festive puzzle-solving adventure.


Connect Identical Xmas Items: The primary objective in Xmas Float Connect 2023 is to connect pairs of identical Xmas items. Navigate the game board strategically, creating paths with no more than two 90-degree angles to link matching items. Exercise your pattern recognition and problem-solving skills to clear the board by removing all pairs.

Floating Item Tiles: Embrace the challenge presented by floating item tiles. In some levels, these tiles may float to various positions—bottom, upper, left, right, center, or split. Adjust your strategy accordingly, as the floating nature of the tiles adds a dynamic element to the puzzle-solving experience, requiring adaptability and precision.

Time-Bound Bonus: Each level comes with a time limit, adding an extra layer of urgency to your puzzle-solving endeavors. Complete a level before the time bounds expire to earn a bonus. The time-bound challenge enhances the gameplay, encouraging players to balance speed and accuracy for optimal results.


Festive Puzzle Experience: Xmas Float Connect 2023 offers a festive puzzle experience that celebrates the spirit of Christmas. Immerse yourself in a visually appealing holiday-themed environment, complete with Xmas items that add a touch of seasonal joy to each level.

27 Challenging Levels: Embark on a journey through 27 challenging levels, each presenting a unique set of puzzles and surprises. As you progress, the complexity of the puzzles increases, ensuring that players are consistently engaged and challenged. Test your skills across various festive scenarios.

Dynamic Floating Tiles: Experience the dynamic challenge introduced by floating item tiles. The unpredictability of these tiles adds a strategic and adaptive element to the game, requiring players to think on their feet and adjust their approach based on the floating positions of the items.

Time-Driven Excitement: The inclusion of time-bound challenges adds an element of excitement to the gameplay. Strive to complete each level within the specified time to unlock bonus rewards. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience, providing an additional layer of motivation and achievement.

How to play Xmas Float Connect 2023

Using mouse

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