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Witchs hats

In the enchanting world of Witchs Hats, players must outsmart a cunning witch to retrieve a hidden book. The mischievous witch has concealed the book among her hats, and players must use their wit and agility to keep track of its whereabouts. Are you up for the challenge of defeating the witch and reclaiming the book?


1. Challenging Gameplay:

  • Witchs Hats offers a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience. Players must stay vigilant and focused to outmaneuver the witch and uncover the hidden book.

2. Cunning Witch:

  • Beware of the witch's tricks! She will do anything to keep the book inaccessible, using her hats to conceal it from players. Stay one step ahead of her and prove your intelligence.

3. Smart and Agile Gameplay:

  • To succeed in Witchs Hats, players need to be both smart and agile. Keep a close eye on the witch's movements and swiftly navigate through the hats to locate the hidden book.

4. Immersive Environment:

  • Immerse yourself in the magical world of Witchs Hats, complete with captivating visuals and enchanting sound effects. Explore the witch's lair as you embark on this exciting adventure.

5. Beat the Witch:

  • Can you beat the witch and retrieve the hidden book? Test your skills and determination as you strive to outwit the cunning witch and emerge victorious.

How to play Witchs hats

Using mouse

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