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Ueqouow is a minimalist puzzle game that challenges players to navigate through a monochromatic world filled with boxes and X-spots. With its stripped-down graphics and minimalist design, the game offers a refreshing take on the puzzle genre. The players' objective is simple: push the boxes around and strategically place them onto the designated X spots. As players progress, they encounter increasingly complex challenges that require careful planning and precise execution to succeed.


Minimalist Design

Ueqouow features a stark black-and-white aesthetic that creates a sleek and elegant atmosphere. The minimalist design allows players to focus solely on solving each puzzle without distractions.

Challenging Puzzles

As players progress through the game, the challenges become increasingly complex, testing their logic and spatial reasoning skills to the fullest. Each level presents new obstacles and requires strategic thinking to overcome.

Immersive Experience

With no unnecessary frills or distractions, Ueqouow provides players with a pure and immersive puzzle-solving experience. Players can dive into the game and test their mental agility as they conquer each level.

How to play Ueqouow

  • WASD to move
  • Z: undo move
  • R: Restart

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