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Twice Heardle

Twice Heardle, a fan of the female group Heardle on Twitter, created Twice Heardle, a K-pop-inspired version of the original Heardle. The goal of the game is to overcome a daily musical challenge that is unique to Twice's record.

  • There are six times when the song must be recognized.
  • The game's rules are identical to those of Heardle.
  • While playing this game, players also receive tips.
  • As a hint, a 16-second clip from a random Twice song is played.
  • This section can be heard by the audience, who can then take the clue and guess.
  • The target audience for this game is K-pop music superfans who can quickly and easily recognize the songs within the allotted 16 seconds.

Where Am I Able to Play the Game?

  • Users can play Heardle, an online game with K-pop influences, on their desktop computers.
  • The game is available via website.
  • The game is playable on a laptop, tablet, TV, or smartphone.
  • The game can only be accessed once each day.
  • Every day at midnight, the game restarts.

Rules for the Game

Consider the following guidelines that must be followed when playing the game if you are having problems playing it and want to know some easy tricks and tips that will help you win:

  • Take cues from the free ideas to do the assignment in a matter of seconds.
  • To see if you can figure out the code, recite the suggestion and sing along.
  • You can optionally exclude your guess to save time.
  • If you have any questions about the two songs, use the search box to get answers.
  • Don't restrict your response to just one language. Make an estimate after considering the music's entire spectrum.

How to play Twice Heardle

How to play TWICE Heardle is a fair question for players of online puzzle games who have never attempted to play the game. We've provided some instructions below that will make it simple for you to learn how to play this game exceptionally successfully.

1. After opening the game website, click the play button symbol on the screen to get started.

2. Pay close attention to the little musical hints that are performed now.

3. Replay the seconds that are left if you are unable to decipher the tip.

4. If you don't want to guess incorrectly, you can alternatively utilize the SKIP option that is provided below.

5. Next, you can utilize the search box to check for some hints if the song sounds familiar to you.

6. Use the search bar list to enter a letter or a word to check for hints. You can use this to jog your recollection of the song.

7. All of the songs that have been released in English, Korean, and Japanese are included in the game's song list. As a result, you can access several languages by guessing.

8. To finish the game, enter the song's name and click SUBMIT.

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