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The Legend of Lumina

The Legend of Lumina is a game that invites players to explore an ancient forest, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery behind a curse that plagues the land. Created for the KB Games Zeldajam '22 game jam, this captivating game combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and a rich storyline to captivate players. Navigate the mystical forest, push blocks strategically, and seek a way to lift the curse that haunts your realm.

The Legend of Lumina: A Forest of Secrets Unveiled

In The Legend of Lumina, players find themselves in an ancient forest, thrust into a quest to break the curse that looms over the land. As the protagonist, your journey involves exploration, puzzle-solving, and the discovery of hidden secrets within the mystical forest. Uncover the lore that surrounds Lumina as you navigate through the game's challenges and puzzles.

How to play The Legend of Lumina

WASD, Arrow Keys, R, ENTER, M, or ESC

The game provides convenient keyboard controls for an immersive experience:

  • WASD / Arrow keys: Move and Push
  • R: Undo
  • ENTER: Interact / Advance Text
  • M or ESC: Map/Menu

Mouse / Touch Controls: Swipe, Tap, and Explore

For those who prefer mouse or touch controls, the game offers intuitive options:

  • Swipe up/down/left/right: Move and Push
  • Onscreen buttons: Map/Menu and Reset
  • Tap on dialog boxes: Advance Text

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