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The House

The House is a bone-chilling point-and-click game that thrusts players into the eerie confines of a deserted house, built in 1970 and shrouded in a dark history. Brace yourself as you navigate through the chilling aftermath of a family tragedy, where the previous residents met a grim fate. Dare you to step into this haunted realm and unravel the mysterious tale of the fateful fictitious family?

Key Features

1. Immersive Horror Atmosphere:

The House envelops players in an immersive horror atmosphere, leveraging a deserted house and its dark history to create an intense and spine-chilling gaming experience.

2. Rich Narrative of Tragedy:

Explore a rich narrative that unfolds the tragic tale of the fictitious family, adding layers of depth and suspense to the gameplay.

3. Point-and-Click Adventure:

Engage in a classic point-and-click adventure, where each interaction with the haunted environment propels you further into the unsettling narrative.

4. Solo Nighttime Experience:

The true essence of fear is captured when playing The House alone, late at night, in the dark, and with the sound turned up. Brace yourself for a hair-raising experience.

5. Mystery Puzzles:

Solve mysterious puzzles scattered throughout the house, adding an element of challenge and intrigue to the gameplay.

How to play The House

  1. Enter the Abandoned House: Confront your fears as you step into the abandoned house, frozen in time since the tragic events of the past.

  2. Uncover the Mystery: Navigate through the ominous rooms, solving puzzles and exploring every corner to unravel the mystery behind the family's grim destiny.

  3. Point-and-Click Exploration: Engage in a point-and-click adventure, where every interaction with the environment brings you closer to the secrets hidden within the haunted walls.

  4. Face the Unknown Alone: For the full immersive experience, play The House alone, late at night, in the dark, with the sound turned up. Feel the tension rise as you become the sole investigator in this terrifying journey.

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