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Tetris is a classic video game that was first released in 1984 by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov. It quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and has been ported to countless platforms over the years.

The game is played on a rectangular playing field called the Matrix. Tetriminos, which are geometric shapes composed of four square blocks, fall from the top of the Matrix one at a time. The player can move the Tetriminos left or right using the arrow keys or buttons, and rotate them using the up arrow key or button.

The goal of the game is to create horizontal lines of blocks without any gaps. When a complete line is formed, it disappears, and any blocks above it will fall down to fill the gap. The more lines a player clears at once, the more points they earn.

As the game progresses, the Tetriminos fall faster and faster, making it more difficult to create complete lines. If the Tetriminos stack up to the top of the Matrix, the game ends.

Tetris has been adapted to many different platforms and has inspired countless variations and spinoffs. It remains a beloved classic and is widely regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time.



  • Different types of Tetriminos: There are seven different Tetrimino shapes in Tetris, each with a unique name and color. They are the I, J, L, O, S, T, and Z Tetriminos.
  • Scoring system: Points are awarded for clearing lines, with more points given for clearing multiple lines at once. The score also increases as the game progresses and the Tetriminos fall faster.
  • Levels: The game has multiple levels, with the Tetriminos falling faster and the gameplay becoming more difficult at each level.
  • High scores: Tetris keeps track of the highest score achieved on the device or platform, which can encourage players to continue playing and trying to beat their previous high score.
  • Multiplayer modes: Some versions of Tetris have multiplayer modes, allowing players to compete against each other online or locally.


  • Game over: The game ends when the Tetriminos stack up to the top of the Matrix and there is no more room for new Tetriminos to fall.
  • Rotating Tetriminos: Tetriminos can be rotated in either direction, but they cannot be rotated if they would overlap with other blocks in the Matrix.
  • Movement of Tetriminos: Tetriminos can be moved left or right, but they cannot move through other blocks or the sides of the Matrix.
  • Clearing lines: A line is cleared when it is filled with blocks and there are no empty spaces. Multiple lines can be cleared at once if they are formed at the same time.


  • Plan ahead: Try to think ahead and anticipate where you will need to place the Tetriminos in order to clear lines and create new opportunities for more lines to be cleared.
  • Focus on clearing multiple lines at once: Clearing multiple lines at once will earn you more points than clearing one line at a time.
  • Use the hold feature: Some versions of Tetris allow players to "hold" a Tetrimino and save it for later. This can be useful for setting up larger combos or clearing multiple lines at once.
  • Practice regularly: Like any skill, playing Tetris regularly can help you improve your gameplay and become more efficient at clearing lines.

Overall, Tetris is a fun and challenging game that requires quick thinking and spatial awareness. By practicing regularly and following these tips, you can improve your gameplay and earn higher scores.

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Left click

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