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Templok is an engrossing puzzle game that plays like Tetris and tests your strategic thinking and puzzle-solving abilities. Set out on an aquatic adventure with it. It will be your job to arrange three pieces at a time as you descend into the depths, making for an eye-catching and thought-provoking game experience.


Tetris-Style Puzzle Dynamics: Templok follows the Tetris-style puzzle dynamics, presenting players with three pieces at a time. The objective is to strategically place these pieces on your screen, aiming to complete rows or columns horizontally or vertically. When a row or column is entirely filled, it clears, earning you valuable points.

Earn Points through Clears: The primary goal in Templok is to accumulate points by clearing rows or columns. The more efficiently you can fill and clear these lines, the higher your score becomes. This simple yet challenging rule sets the stage for an exciting puzzle-solving experience.

Massive Combos for High Scores: Achieve massive combos in Templok by clearing multiple rows or columns at once. Strategically placing your pieces to create chain reactions allows you to pull off impressive combinations, boosting your score and adding an element of excitement to the gameplay.


Underwater Adventure Theme: Templok immerses players in an underwater adventure theme, enhancing the gaming experience with visually appealing aquatic elements. The underwater setting adds a unique touch to the Tetris-style gameplay, creating a captivating environment for players.

Strategic Placement Challenges: The game presents players with the challenge of strategically placing pieces to optimize clears. As you progress, the difficulty increases, requiring more thoughtful placement to create efficient combinations. This strategic element keeps the gameplay engaging and provides a sense of accomplishment with each successful clear.

Visually Stimulating Design: Templok boasts a visually stimulating design that captures the essence of underwater exploration. The combination of vibrant colors and engaging visuals adds to the overall appeal of the game, creating an aesthetically pleasing and immersive gaming atmosphere.

Combo-Driven Excitement: Templok introduces a combo-driven excitement factor, rewarding players for skillful plays that result in multiple clears. The thrill of pulling off massive combos adds a layer of excitement to the game, motivating players to refine their strategies and aim for high scores.

How to play Templok

Using mouse

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