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Sum Puzzle: Arithmetic

Engage your mind in the addictive world of arithmetic puzzles with Sum Puzzle: Arithmetic Game. This captivating game challenges players to collect the correct amount from the given numbers, fostering analytical thinking, improving mindfulness, and providing an interesting and intellectually stimulating experience. Pump up your brains as you navigate through a series of puzzles that promise both challenge and entertainment.


  1. Addicting Arithmetic Puzzles:

    • Sum Puzzle: Arithmetic Game brings you a series of addicting arithmetic puzzles that require you to collect the correct amount from the given numbers. The puzzles are designed to keep players engaged, providing a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment.
  2. Brain Development:

    • Dive into the world of arithmetic and let the puzzles help develop your analytical mind. The game is crafted to offer a brain-boosting experience, enhancing your problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities. Each puzzle is a step toward improved mindfulness and mental agility.
  3. Mindful Entertainment:

    • Enjoy an interesting and mindful time as you immerse yourself in the world of arithmetic challenges. Sum Puzzle: Arithmetic Game offers a unique blend of entertainment and mental exercise, making it an ideal choice for those looking to have fun while keeping their minds sharp.
  4. Brain-Pumping Challenges:

    • Challenge yourself with brain-pumping puzzles that progressively increase in difficulty. The game is designed to offer a variety of challenges, ensuring that players of all skill levels find an appropriate level of difficulty. From beginners to seasoned puzzle enthusiasts, everyone can enjoy the thrill of solving arithmetic puzzles.

How to play Sum Puzzle: Arithmetic

Tap on the numbers to get the required amount.

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