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Suika Combination

Suika Combination introduces a captivating puzzle adventure, challenging players to combine Touhou characters ranging from the smallest to the largest—all within the confines of a container. This innovative game promises a delightful experience of strategic combination, placing Suika at the center of the puzzle-solving journey.

The Puzzle Dynamics

In Suika Combination, players engage in a thrilling puzzle experience where the goal is to skillfully combine Touhou characters without surpassing the container's boundaries. The challenge lies in orchestrating combinations that progressively increase the size of the characters, presenting players with an intricate and engaging task.

Game Modes

Classic Mode: Original Combination Challenge

Embark on the original puzzle-solving adventure in Classic Mode. Here, players delve into the core mechanics of the game, combining Touhou characters to witness their gradual expansion. The objective is to explore the full potential of combinations while navigating the spatial constraints of the container.

Endless Mode: The Shimmy Challenge

Enter the Shimmy Challenge in Endless Mode, a unique twist that adds an extra layer of complexity. Combining two Suikas triggers a reversal, reverting her to a small shimmy. The question is, how far can you go in this endless pursuit of combinations? Endless Mode introduces a dynamic element that tests players' strategic prowess and endurance.

Initiating the Puzzle Adventure

To immerse oneself in the world of Suika Combination, players can choose between the challenging Classic Mode and the endurance-driven Endless Mode. The intuitive controls allow players to combine Touhou characters with ease, presenting an enjoyable and accessible gaming experience.

Mastering the Combination of Art

As players progress through the puzzle adventure, mastering the art of combining Touhou characters becomes essential. The strategic decisions made in each move shape the outcome, challenging players to surpass their limits and achieve remarkable combinations.

How to play Suika Combination

Using mouse

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