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Sudoku Online

Sudoku Online is a captivating logic puzzle game that challenges players with the strategic placement of numbers. Originating from Japan, the term "Sudoku" translates to "single digit," reflecting the game's core premise. With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, Sudoku gained widespread popularity through magazines and newspapers, earning its reputation for enhancing key cognitive skills.


1. Difficulty Levels: Sudoku Online caters to a diverse player base by offering different difficulty levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player seeking a more challenging puzzle, the game provides options to suit your skill level.

2. Hint System: A built-in hint system ensures a smooth puzzle-solving experience. Players can access guidance when needed, promoting learning and skill development without compromising the challenge.

3. Undo Function: The game includes an undo function, allowing players to rectify mistakes or explore alternative strategies. This feature adds flexibility to the gameplay, encouraging experimentation and improvement.

4. Tags for Facilitation: Sudoku Online incorporates tags to mark cells or numbers, facilitating the puzzle-solving process. This organizational tool enhances player efficiency, making the gaming experience more enjoyable and structured.

5. Adaptability: Designed for various devices, including computers, smartphones, and TVs, Sudoku Online promotes accessibility and flexibility in gameplay. Players can enjoy the game seamlessly across different platforms, ensuring a consistent and convenient experience.


1. Grid Structure: The playing field consists of a 9x9 grid, further subdivided into smaller 3x3 grids, resulting in a total of 81 cells.

2. Initial Numbers: At the beginning of each game, some numbers (1 to 9) are pre-filled in specific cells. These serve as the starting point for players to build upon.

3. Objective: Players must fill the empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9. The challenge lies in ensuring that each row, column, and 3x3 square contains each digit only once. Precision and strategic thinking are key to solving the puzzles successfully.

How to play Sudoku Online

Using mouse

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