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Sudoku game - set yourself up, unwind, and get ready to challenge your brain anytime, anyplace with this number placement problem. Choose one of the four difficulty levels to begin with:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Evil
  • Impossible

Fewer numbers are allotted at the start of the puzzle for harder levels.

Beginners can begin by selecting the simple level to become familiar with the numbers, the grid, and the puzzle's principles. If you are confident in your abilities from the outset, you can test them at the medium level and take on difficult difficulties right away. Even experts and professionals can delight themselves by playing with numbers and possibilities on challenging and diabolical levels.

Only reasoning is required, and time is not an issue. Don't rush; instead, consider all your options and fill the grid gradually. Enjoy this tranquil yet difficult puzzle while letting your brain work.

How to play Sudoku

A 9 × 9 grid with 3 x 3 squares separated from one another by thicker lines serves as the playing field for sudoku. The object of the game is to fill each cell in the grid with a number from 1 to 9, making sure that no two adjacent cells or the square itself contain any repeating numbers.

The grid is half-filled as the game begins, and the player must determine the remaining numbers based on the placement of the ones that have previously been revealed. The number of filled cells at the start of each game affects how challenging the puzzle is.

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