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Crafting Narratives in a Puzzle Wonderland

Embark on a creative journey with Storyteller, a captivating puzzle video game meticulously designed by Daniel Benmergui and brought to life by Annapurna Interactive. Immerse yourself in the unique gameplay that defines Storyteller, where the art of storytelling meets the challenge of puzzle-solving.

Unveiling the Puzzle Adventure: Building Stories with Visual Language

At the heart of Storyteller lies the novel concept of building stories through visual language. Each level presents a distinct title, and your mission is to construct a narrative that seamlessly fits it. Dive into the puzzle adventure by strategically placing settings and characters, each reacting to one another and weaving a tale through their relationships. Storyteller is not just a game; it's an invitation to be the mastermind behind captivating narratives.

Interactive Storytelling: Comic-Panel Design and Charming Animations

Storyteller's charm lies in its comic-panel design and delightful animations that breathe life into your creations. Experiment freely within the confines of its many stories – simply drag and drop characters to witness the unfolding drama. The interactive storytelling aspect of the game encourages exploration and creativity, allowing players to see how different elements influence the story's progression.

Endless Possibilities: Characters, Themes, and the Blank Canvas

In Storyteller, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Engage with a rich library filled with characters and themes spanning heroes and villains, dragons and vampires, love and revenge, and everything in between. The blank canvas is your playground, where you can manipulate secrets and desires, slay monsters, or orchestrate romantic encounters. The game empowers you to shape the narrative – you are not just a player; you are the author.

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