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Stickman Thief Puzzle

Stickman Thief Puzzle Game is a delightful puzzle experience where you assist a cunning thief in stealing various objects and even people. This free online game presents a unique challenge at each level, requiring you to stretch the thief's arm strategically to reach the target or catch your desired person. However, becoming a professional stickman thief is no easy feat.

Unveiling Stickman's Advantage

The stickman protagonist in Stickman Thief Puzzle enjoys a distinctive advantage — limbs that can fit through remarkably tight spaces. Additionally, these limbs possess the flexibility to stretch and bend like rubber, providing the stickman with unique abilities. Maneuvering through challenges becomes an intriguing task, showcasing the advantages of being a stickman thief.

A Twist in Professional Thievery

Professional thievery takes on a whole new meaning in Stickman Thief Puzzle. The game introduces a slippery stickman character with limbs capable of navigating intricate spaces. Your task is to discover creative ways to steal everything the thief sets out to acquire. Each level presents a fresh puzzle, challenging your wit and problem-solving skills.

Stretch, Bend, and Steal

The gameplay in Stickman Thief Puzzle revolves around stretching, bending, and stealing. Your stickman thief's limbs become tools for navigating the environment, reaching targets, and executing cunning thefts. The intuitive controls make it accessible for players of all skill levels, while the progressively challenging levels keep the game engaging and enjoyable.

How to play Stickman Thief Puzzle

Using mouse

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