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Stacktris 2048

Stacktris 2048 is an innovative fusion of two popular games, 2048 and Tetris, presented in a 3D format. This unique combination challenges players to merge cubes and strategically manage their stack while aiming to achieve high scores. The game aims to captivate players who enjoy both logic-based number games and the classic gameplay of Tetris.

Key Features:

  1. 2048-Tetris Fusion: Stacktris 2048 brings together the mechanics of 2048 and Tetris into a single gameplay experience. Players are tasked with merging cubes and organizing their stack in a three-dimensional space.

  2. Matching Cube Merging: The core gameplay involves merging cubes with the same value, akin to 2048. Merging cubes generates higher-valued cubes, and players must strategically combine cubes to achieve larger numbers.

  3. Tetris-Inspired Stacking: Just like in Tetris, players must skillfully manage the arrangement of cubes as they fall from the top of the screen. Proper stacking is essential to maintain space and create opportunities for cube merges.

  4. Addictive Gameplay: The combination of 2048 and Tetris mechanics contributes to an engaging and addictive gameplay experience. Players must find a balance between cube merging and stacking efficiency to optimize their score.


Stacktris 2048 presents a creative and challenging blend of two beloved games, 2048 and Tetris, within a 3D environment. The game encourages players to strategize and make quick decisions to merge cubes and manage their stack effectively. For those who enjoy both puzzle-solving and strategic gameplay, Stacktris 2048 offers an exciting and engaging experience that tests both numerical logic and spatial awareness. As with similar games, players can typically access "Stacktris 2048" through its official platform or supported gaming platforms, allowing them to enjoy this unique fusion of puzzle mechanics.

How to play Stacktris 2048

  • Use the left mouse button to drag and aim the cube.
  • Release the mouse button to launch the cube into the desired location within the 3D grid.

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