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Stacktris is an arcade game that combines elements of Tetris with tower stacking challenges. The objective of the game is to stack and balance tetromino blocks without letting any of them fall off the platform.

Here are some key details about Stacktris:


  1. Tetromino Blocks: You control tetromino blocks, which are shapes made up of four connected squares. These blocks include various combinations of squares, such as straight lines, L-shapes, and squares.
  2. Balancing and Stacking: Your goal is to stack the tetromino blocks on top of each other, forming a tower. The blocks constantly spin, and you can tap on them to stop their rotation.
  3. Drag and Release: After stopping the spin of a tetromino block, you can drag it to reposition it above the platform. Release the block to drop it onto the stack.
  4. Aim Carefully: It's important to aim carefully and place the blocks precisely because if even a single block falls off the platform, you lose the game.

Power-Ups and Upgrades:

  1. Hints: If you find the game challenging, you have the option to watch hints that can provide guidance on gameplay strategies.
  2. Upgrades: You can use coins you've collected during the game to purchase upgrades. Some of the mentioned power-ups include Slow Spin, High Friction, Coin Magnet, Low Bounce, Coin Chance, Wide Table, and Next Block. These power-ups likely provide advantages and make the game easier or more enjoyable.

How to play Stacktris


  • Stop tetrominoes: Left mouse click
  • Move tetrominoes horizontally: A / D or Left / Right arrow keys
  • Drop tetrominoes: Release left mouse click
  • Menu: ESC
  • Pause: Enter / Return

Stacktris provides a challenging and engaging experience that tests your balancing skills. The combination of the classic Tetris mechanics with tower stacking elements adds a unique twist to the gameplay. Enjoy the game and strive to build the tallest Tetromino Tower!

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