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Special Delivery

Special Delivery is a game that challenges players to navigate a factory maze and ensure the safe shipment of a precious package. Left-click, press SPACE, or hit K to activate bumpers and machinery strategically, testing your timing and puzzle-solving skills. Discover the nuances of the factory, collect special envelopes for added challenges, and aim for the perfect delivery.

Special Delivery: A Factory Maze Mission

In Special Delivery, your mission is clear: extract the package from the factory's clutches. Master the art of activating bumpers and machinery by left-clicking, pressing SPACE, or using the K key. The key lies in perfect timing to navigate through the intricate maze of the factory and ensure a successful delivery.

Puzzle-Solving Dynamics: Bumpers, Machinery, and Precision

The heart of the game revolves around puzzle-solving dynamics. Activate bumpers and other machinery strategically to create a path for the package. The challenge lies in understanding the factory's layout, utilizing the available tools wisely, and refining your timing to overcome obstacles and reach your goal.

Restart and Retry: Press R or Right Click for a Fresh Start

Navigating the factory maze can be tricky, and if you find yourself stuck, fear not! Simply press R or right-click to initiate a quick restart. This feature ensures that players can fine-tune their strategies, learn from mistakes, and embark on fresh attempts to conquer the challenges within the factory.

Special Envelopes: An Added Challenge Awaits

As you progress through the factory, keep an eye out for special white envelopes. Collecting these envelopes adds an extra layer of challenge to your delivery mission. Strategize your route to ensure not only the successful extraction of the package but also the collection of these special items for an enhanced gaming experience.

How to play Special Delivery

Using mouse

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