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Snakebird is a captivating puzzle game that combines simplicity with deceptively challenging gameplay. The quest for an unimaginable amount of fruit takes players on a journey with Redbird, Greenbird, and Bluebird. With an intriguing premise and a focus on assuming the right shapes for various tasks, Snakebird offers a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Key Features

Snakebird stands out in the gaming world with its distinctive features that cater to puzzle enthusiasts and those seeking a mental challenge.

Intuitive Gameplay

The game's mechanics are straightforward, yet the challenges presented are far from easy. Players control the titular Snakebirds, maneuvering them through levels that require creative problem-solving and critical thinking. The simplicity of the controls allows players of all skill levels to enjoy the game while still providing a substantial challenge.

Puzzling Variety

Snakebird introduces a variety of tasks to keep players on their toes. From pushing and lifting objects to teleporting and defying the laws of physics, each level presents a new puzzle to solve. The game's dynamic puzzles ensure that players remain engaged and motivated to discover the secrets hidden within each level.

Whimsical Quest

Embark on a whimsical quest with Redbird, Greenbird, and Bluebird as they search for an unprecedented amount of fruit. The charming characters add personality to the game, making the journey not only mentally stimulating but also visually delightful.

Physics-Defying Challenges

Snakebird challenges players to think outside the box by defying the laws of physics. The game's puzzles often require players to manipulate the Snakebirds in ways that seem impossible, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the gameplay.

Increasing Difficulty

As players progress through the levels, Snakebird introduces a gradual increase in difficulty. This ensures that the game remains engaging for both casual players and puzzle-solving experts. The well-paced difficulty curve keeps players motivated to conquer each new challenge.

Visually Appealing Design

Snakebird boasts a visually appealing design with vibrant colors and charming animations. The game's aesthetics contribute to the overall enjoyment, creating an immersive experience for players as they navigate through the visually stimulating world.


Snakebird's accessibility features make it an inclusive game for a broad audience. With user-friendly controls and a thoughtful design, the game welcomes players of all ages and skill levels.

How to play Snakebird

  • Movement: Arrows , WSAD
  • Select: Z
  • Destroy Snakebird: X

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