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Save The Piggies

Save The Piggies is a delightful car-moving game with a charming twist: instead of maneuvering cars, you'll be guiding adorable pigs and other animals to safety! In this entertaining game, your goal is to move a group of pigs from one point to another by clicking on them strategically. Whether you're dealing with a few piggies or a large herd, each level presents a fun and engaging challenge. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey filled with cute characters and exciting puzzles!


1. Unique Gameplay:

  • Experience a refreshing twist on the classic car-moving game genre. Instead of vehicles, you'll be guiding lovable pigs and other animals to safety, adding a unique and charming element to the gameplay.

2. Adorable Characters:

  • Meet a variety of adorable characters, including pigs and other animals, as you progress through the game. Each character is beautifully designed and full of personality, adding to the game's charm.

3. Challenging Puzzles:

  • Test your problem-solving skills with a variety of challenging puzzles. Strategically click on the pigs to navigate them through obstacles and reach the designated destination. Each level presents a new and exciting challenge to overcome.

4. Fun and Engaging Levels:

  • Enjoy a series of fun and engaging levels that will keep you entertained for hours. From simple puzzles to more complex challenges, Save The Piggies offers a wide range of levels to explore and conquer.

5. Simple Controls:

  • With easy-to-use controls, anyone can pick up and play Save The Piggies. Simply click on the pigs to move them forward and guide them to safety. The intuitive controls make it accessible for players of all ages.


Navigate through each level by strategically clicking on the pigs to move them forward. Ensure that all the pigs reach the designated destination to pass the level successfully. Be mindful of obstacles and challenges along the way, and use your problem-solving skills to overcome them. Have fun guiding the adorable piggies to safety in the Save The Piggies game!

How to play Save The Piggies

Using mouse

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