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Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt invites players to immerse themselves in an engaging card game set against the backdrop of Ancient Egypt. This version of Pyramid Solitaire challenges players to clear the pyramid of cards by strategically pairing cards that add up to 13, providing a captivating and themed solitaire experience.


1. Ancient Egypt Theme:

  • Explore the enchanting world of Ancient Egypt as you engage in the classic game of Pyramid Solitaire. The themed visuals and design add a unique touch to the traditional card game.

2. Excellent Gameplay:

  • Enjoy an excellent and engaging gameplay experience as you work your way through the pyramid, strategically pairing cards to reach the coveted total of 13. The game's mechanics provide both challenge and entertainment.

3. Pyramid Clearing Challenge:

  • Embark on a challenging journey to clear the pyramid of cards. The game requires players to skillfully match cards to create pairs with a combined value of 13, adding a layer of strategy to the solitaire experience.

How to play Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt

Using mouse

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