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Prison Escape Online

Prison Escape Online offers an immersive stickman gaming experience where players embark on a thrilling adventure to break free from prison confinement. As the protagonist is trapped in a prison cell, players must utilize their ingenuity and skills to plot their escape. However, caution is essential, as not all escape routes are safe.


  • Stickman Adventure: Immerse yourself in the world of stickman characters as you navigate through challenging prison environments in a quest for freedom.

  • Creative Escapes: Explore various methods and strategies to break out of prison, including cleverly devised plans, daring maneuvers, and unexpected tactics.

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Experience dynamic and unpredictable gameplay scenarios where quick thinking and adaptability are key to overcoming obstacles and challenges.

  • Multiple Endings: Discover multiple escape routes and endings based on the decisions and actions you take throughout the game, adding replay value and excitement to each playthrough.

  • Interactive Environment: Interact with objects and characters within the prison environment to uncover hidden clues, unlock new pathways, and outsmart your captors.


  1. Escape Planning: Strategize and plan your escape route carefully, considering the risks and consequences of each action.

  2. Stealth and Cunning: Use stealth and cunning to evade guards, security measures, and surveillance systems as you navigate through the prison complex.

  3. Resource Management: Manage your resources effectively, including tools, items, and stamina, to maximize your chances of a successful escape.

  4. Risk Assessment: Assess the risks associated with each escape attempt and choose your actions wisely to minimize the likelihood of detection or failure.

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