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Pomni Blast

Pomni Blast is a thrilling puzzle game that challenges players to help Pomni escape from the Digital Circus world! The objective is to safely land Pomni in designated areas with the fewest attempts possible. Players must strategically use explosives to propel Pomni in the right direction while navigating through dangerous obstacles. Can you earn three stars for each level and master the art of guiding Pomni to safety?


1. Engaging Puzzle Gameplay: Dive into challenging puzzles where every move counts as you strategically use explosives to guide Pomni to safety.

2. Digital Circus World: Explore a vibrant and immersive Digital Circus world filled with unique obstacles and environments that will test your puzzle-solving skills.

3. Three-Star Challenges: Aim for perfection by earning three stars on each level, requiring precision and efficiency in your gameplay.

4. Explosive Mechanics: Utilize explosive elements to propel Pomni in the desired direction, but beware of the dangers lurking within the Digital Circus world.

5. Varied Levels: Experience a wide range of levels with increasing difficulty, providing hours of addictive gameplay as you strive to overcome each new challenge.

How to play Pomni Blast

Using mouse

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